Lazy tofu noodle dish

This is one of my current favourite quick dishes – it basicly involves throwing tofu, udon noodles and spicy stuff into a pan for 10mins or so then eating. :-)

The two main bits are a pack of Udon noodles and a pack of Hoisin and Sesame marinated tofu from Bean Supreme.

Look! It comes in a nice little pack!

Now you would probably save money by marinating your own tofu, but I’m too busy/lazy to do that so buy it all pre-done. :-)

The other key ingredient is sesame oil which is used in the pan.

The remaining items are for personal taste – hot sauce, ginger and cayenne pepper.

So to cook:

1. Slice the tofu block up into bits and keep the rest of the sauce in the bag for later use.

2. Chuck the tofu into a pan that’s had a bit of sesame oil put into it. Set the ring to about halfway between max and min (5).

3. Cook till the sides are browned and then flip the pieces over to cook the other sides.

4. Once both sides are looking good, add the Udon noodles – my approach is to remove the noodles from the bag, rinse lightly in water and then gently break apart the noodle clump into the pan.

5. Add the sauce from the tofu to the noodles. If the tofu pack/brand you have didn’t come with a lot of sauce, vegetarian stir fry sauce and a bit of the sesame oil also works reasonably well.


6. If you’re into it hot, add some of the spices. The ginger adds some heat and gives a good flavour, the cayenne pepper and hot sauce makes it serious. :-)

6. Serve and enjoy!

All up this dish takes about 15mins to make when I’m slow, if you’re speedy and have the elements pre-heated, there’s only about 5mins of actual cook time.

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  1. Jethro Carr says:

    Sorry about the image layout, I think I’ve found a bug in wordpress – it kept displaying the images in the WYSIWYG editor, but when actually viewing the page it didn’t work.

    Seems the image src URLs were getting broken and it was using some incorrect relative URLs instead of the full URLs that it normally uses….

    Managed to get it to work, but going to pass on trying to fight the layout for now. :-)

  2. Chris says:

    Wow.. That chicken looks delightful.

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