Flighty Plans?

So having a play around with my idea of moving overseas:

  • 17-23 JAN in Gold Coast
  • 24-30 JAN in Brisbane CBD for linux.conf.au
  • 31-06 FEB in Tasmania – Hobart and/or Launceston
  • 07-13 FEB in Melbourne
  • 14-20 FEB in Sydney
  • 21-27 FEB in Brisbane CBD for business (get no time during LCA!)
  • 27-??

My logic is:

  • Gold Coast Friends/Relaxing/Work – really a good chance to unwind before the conference and get some rest….
  • linux.conf.au
  • Tasmania – Friends/Work/Relaxing. I don’t expect much work opportunity in the areas I want here, but would be great to meet some of the great tweeple I know. Having a gap between LCA and the AU tour would make sense in that it gives me more time to line up meetings with contacts made at LCA.
  • Melbourne – Friends/Work. Meet up with a couple people I know and look at work opportunities – of all AU cities I’ve been to, this is the one I enjoy the most.
  • Sydney – Friends/Work. Sydney has some of the bigger international companies, so if I want to use AU as a hop to Europe, this is a good place to be looking at.
  • Brisbane – Friends/Work. I won’t have much time during LCA, so it’s best to come back to Brisbane afterwards for work meetings and hang with a few friends once they’ve recovered a bit from the conference. ;-)

I think it will depend on whether I get any jobs lined up before I go to AU, could be I get some offers for European or AU companies before I even leave NZ, in which case it’s basically a bit of a holiday. :-)

At the end of Feb, I have three main options – try to find a position in AU if haven’t found one already, go further overseas (eg: Europe) or return to NZ.

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  1. Mark Rais says:

    With your skills and REDHAT certs, you can take a shortcut to Europe! There is still strong demand for experts in Linux administration there.

    However, in the long run you are better off focusing business goals on Australia since it will probably pan out to be a very strong location while staying closer to home.

    Overall though I commend you for your planning!

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