Freebies: Servers

As mentioned, I’m trying to clear out a whole bunch of the junk in my flat, aside from my current Trademe listings, I’m going to be giving away freebies.

Today’s freebies are: servers

As you may have heard, I may have a few computers *cough* 40 *cough* and I’ve decided I should part with some of the older units that I don’t need quite so much.

Any such decision to part with computers, is always a painful process full of morning and regret, so to help me with this, I want to find good, caring homes for my babies.

These units tend to be heavy, so you can pick it up from me or if you bribe me with cake of delicious variety, I may be tempted to drop off in Wellington area.

IBM Netfinity Server - state of the art a decade ago! :-D

IBM Netfinity 3000

This box is functional, has a pentium something (600mhz maybe?) CPU and 2x SCSI HDD drives. Works fine as budget mailserver or something – even has an internal tape drive for backups. :-)

Rear of the ML570 server

I have a Compaq Proliant ML570 server that’s taking up a lot of space. This is a *big* box, it’s got to be at least 5-6 RU.

Fitted with 3x PSU, unknown CPU/RAM, no HDDs, but I can chuck in some 73GB UltraSCSI 320 disks if you’re nice. Maybe 6 of them if you’re really, really, nice.

I couldn’t get a frontal shot as it’s too dark for my camera to handle with no flash, look up the model number online if you want to know more.

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