I hate teeth!

Teeth have never agreed with me, genetically both sides of the family have weak teeth and my dad probably has more metal than teeth these days.

I’ve been OK in the past 5 years or so, I have maybe only one or two fillings in total – essentially moving from manual to electric toothbrushes resolved most problems for me.

However my increased soft-drink consumption in recent years has concerned me somewhat and I think it’s coming back to bite me now… I’m probably easily on a can a day and it’s tricky to cut back as your body starts craving it often.

In particular, I’ve been a little concerned about a noticeable hole on two of my molars – since these particulars holes/indentations exist on both sides of my mouth, I figured they must be normal but got them checked out anyway. See pic:

Tools for breaking noms into manageable packets for the stomach decompiler to handle

Turns out, that’s not actually the problem – rather, that’s part of the tooth’s natural wear process – pits can develop, dentists will normally fill these with a plastic type of material in order to prevent plaque or other material from being caught in them and becoming an issue.

The mark on the side of the tooth is just a fissure which gets discoloured over time but isn’t anything to be so concerned about.

The problem that the dentist did find, is actually between the teeth where you can’t see anything – essentially the teeth are pressing against each other so much it actually cuts floss in half when I try to use it and two holes have managed to develop – fortunately not large enough to get to the actual nerves, but enough to make it a reasonably unpleasant job.

Anyway, I now have a dental visit schedule for the afternoon of my birthday next week to complete the work…. happy birthday to me :-(

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  1. Jethro Carr says:

    All sorted now… had the dental work done today, which of course means I now have a rather numb mouth and can’t talk very well this evening. :-/

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