Flatmate Wanted May 2011

Sadly our favorite third flatmate @thatjohn is moving out to go overseas for a number of months, so we need to look for a replacement flatmate at #geekflat, ideally from May until Feb 2012 when our lease expires.


Flat is a 3-bedroom upstairs on Thompson St Mt Cook – 5mins walk to Manner’s Mall (or what’s left of it), 15mins to Lambton Quay or Courtney Place.

Current occupants are myself and @macropiper – ideally we want another geeky person – someone who understands ethernet vs wifi, the OSI layers, Linux, Open Source, why section 92a is bad and generally smart and loving of debates.

It’s a pretty liberal flat, one single straight guy, one bi guy and a departing gay guy, one vegetarian and one meat eater and always plenty of friendly political debates.

In terms of physical specifications, room is reasonably large, big enough to fit a double bed and a desk.

Internet connectivity is provided via wifi and ethernet from a Telstracable modem. There is a small lounge with TV, PS3 & computer for video playback.

Exotic urban metropolis views!
Green stuff you can see from the window! Also cats and sunbathers.
Snacks place! :-D

Room is $190/per week, plus expenses which consists of power, internet and core essentials such as cleaning supplies.

Our lease is currently valid until February 2012 – there will be the option to renew at that stage, although it is likely we will move to a different location then – if you get on well, we’d be happy to invite you along with us.

Chuck me an email if you’re interested at jethro.carr@jethrocarr.com :-)


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6 Responses to Flatmate Wanted May 2011

  1. ThatJohn says:

    Seriously, you want to live in #geekflat. It’s incredibly convenient from the centre of town, has amazing views over Wellington, comes with fantastic Internet, awesome flatmates, heaps of fridge space, a washer and dryer, quiet downstairs neighbours and is generally seriously damn amazing.

    As a travel writer, I almost wish that I wasn’t spending the next few months on the road, so that I could stay here. It’s that awesome.

  2. Bex says:

    Jethro, you forgot to warn them that you’re an arrogant bastard who can never admit that he’s wrong and believes that most of the world is insignificant, and shares far too much personal information.


    Where’s John off to?

  3. Jack Scott says:

    If only this flat was in my city… it sounds perfect!

    Good luck finding a flatmate.

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