A mate’s a mate, mate?

I’m getting really quite tired of finding so many false friends lately, people who say one thing to me, say another behind my back, and people who I’ve entrusted with stuff who then turn around and try to use it against me for their own advantage.

In the past year I’ve had “friends” share intimate knowledge that only they knew, people attack my choice in partner, gang up with others on twitter to subtlety attack me and for people I considered close friends to turn around and attack my choices without warning.


One in particular recently decided that he’s not happy with my relationship choices so for some reason (he doesn’t actually have the guts to talk to me online or via phone) to try and subtely attack us online with snide comments and using some quite personal confidential information maliciously.

I don’t even quite understand the reasoning nor the trigger, the part that upsets me the most is that someone I enjoyed spending time with has an issue with me, yet refuses to talk about it.

Well congrats, you’ve just ensured I won’t be spending any time with you, ever again. I’m not sure what you hoped to achieve, but this sort of abuse of my partner and myself is unacceptable from anyone.

And I think you’ll find the way that you treat people whom you consider to be friends, will pay off for you long term with a large trail of burnt bridges with people who have been some of your biggest defenders.


In a related side note, I’m considering shifting my twitter account to private or reducing the amount of personal information on it, I’m getting too much grief from it these days, having to use block far too often. :-(

I’d also like to thank Tom/@macropiper for being pretty much my best friend, loyal buddy and long suffering flatmate for a number of solid years now, as well as Sara/@pikelet for being a more recent, but still very good friend. :-)

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6 Responses to A mate’s a mate, mate?

  1. Allen Han says:

    Since when did u become so sensitive…

  2. Hamzah Khan says:

    I recently also made my Twitter account private for similar reasons.

    It is a pain how you often have to think about what you write on sites like this. >.<

  3. Bex says:

    You forgot to thank me for giving you lots and lots of shit but doing it (mostly) lovingly! DICK. :)

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