Sunday Geekup Auckland

Figured now that I’m up in Auckland it would be good to assemble some resemblance of a social life up here – aiming to be a regular to Auckland Thursday Night Curry and considering some other geeky groups to get involved with. (maybe TangleBall, AuckLUG? Any other suggestions?)

I want to catch up with a lot of the twitter people I know and maybe aim to have regular geeky catchups, whether it’s just a case of chatting or a case of sitting around on laptops for two days in a weekend doing not but hacking code, no pressure, objectives, etc.

Decided I’d give it a kick off, with a meetup on Sunday 20th at 13:00 in Takapuna – I think Mac’s Husrtmere Road Brew bar is a good starting venue (not the most amazing brews, but decent enough, good food options and plenty of space for whomever turns up).

Ideal is come along for general Sunday afternoon relaxing, chatting, partially a welcome to Auckland event and to meet some of the twitter people I haven’t meet IRL yet. Laptops welcome, geeky conversation welcome and of course. blade servers welcome.

It is an R18 venue, so bring photo ID, bribes, whatever, etc, but options other than alcohol exist on the menu. If you’re planning on coming, please let me know so I have a rough idea if anyone is turning up ;-)

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  1. Jethro Carr says:

    Oh, if you’re bus dependent, you can take the NEX out to Akoranga Station from Britomart for $3.40 and then it’s about 15min walk to Macs. There’s probably some Takapuna buses you could take instead as well.

    And if you’re in the CBD and message me, I might be able to pick you up in the car if you don’t want to associate with public transport scum and would rather associate with wellingtonian scum. :-)

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