Comment Subscription!

I’ve noticed that it’s pretty hard to maintain a good conversation on my blog thanks to the lack of email response to people’s comments – eg often someone posts a comment, I reply, but they never actually get notified that there’s been a response.

So I’ve installed the “subscribe to comments reloaded” module which provides the ability to optionally choose to have emails sent to you after a reply is posted to your comment or after any new comments are added to the post.

Just set the checkbox at the bottom of the comment field when posting comments, or use the subscribe link to get notifications without posting anything.

This blog is moderated and has anti-spam in place, so any emails received should be valid and useful comments 99% of the time.

Hopefully this makes engagement a bit easier. :-)

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3 Responses to Comment Subscription!

  1. Tim Harman says:

    I demand to receive an email when you reply to this.

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