Bad WordPress, Bad!

I think I’ve found a bug in WordPress…. I wrote a blog post in a tab that must have been idle for some time, so the session as the admin had logged out.

Upon attempting to save it as a draft, I got the following:

Your attempt to edit this post has failedNot exactly the message I wanted to get after going to the effort to write it. Usually I copy all the text just before submitting just-in-case, but I hadn’t done it this evening. :-/

After logging into WordPress and clicking “Please try again”, I was taken to a blank new post screen, leading to much cursing and concern that I had lost my post.

Turns out that this screen doesn’t handle particularly well and had instead created the post in the background, but taken me to a new add form without any data, leading to concern I had lost the post.

Instead, I found I had the post saved (minus the tags for some reason) as a draft and so it wasn’t an entire loss… thankfully. :-/

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