Midwinter Sale

With plans to be moving shortly, I’ve decided I really need to make the effort to get rid of a lot of old bits of technology as well as other items I no longer want around the home.

Ideally, the less physical stuff I own, the better, so going to be pretty ruthless with this tidy up. I’ve already listed a large number of items on TradeMe and there will be a lot more over the next few weeks, so check back to see. :-)

There’s also a small data center worth of Ethernet cabling – Cat5e & Cat6 plus general PC cabling and power strips & cables that I’ll want to sell off at some point as well, so if you’re interested in a bulk lot of near new gear, email me what you’re after. :-)


I’ve also got some stuff to give away, or it’ll get dumped if nobody has any use for it – the sad bit about technology, is that due to it always getting faster, better and cheaper, the old stuff is often destined for landfill. :'(

First up, the following are free to a good home – you simply have to collect from me in Auckland or in Wellington. Or if it’s small and fits in a parcel post bag, donate me $6 via PayPal for postage costs and I’ll ship it to you anywhere in NZ.

Windows 95 - with newfangled USB technology!

Selection of software for Windows 98-XP era systems.

Visual basic book & CD

GSM black & white - should work on both Vodafone and 2degrees.

PCMCIA and PCI dialup modems

64MB + 128M of PC100 SDRAM

HP PCI sound card

Seagate 160GB IDE Hard Drive, 7200 RPM.

Book reading clip on light thingy

As usual, all this stuff is purely on a whatever-the-hell-rules-jethro-makes-up-today basis, if you want any of it, comment below or email me.

Remember, you must be able to pickup or donate me the shipping costs. :-)

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