Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant Auckland

I found Sunflower one weeknight when on a quest to find something delicious to eat as a vegetarian that wasn’t some overpriced and unsatisfying yuppie Britomart food.

I ended up wandering up High Street and found the Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant hidden back at 50 High St – the sign outside is easy to spot, but the restaurant is hidden down the back, sandwiched between two other asian-style takeaway joins, so don’t be surprised if it’s not immediately obvious to find.

Once you do spot the entrance, the asian-only menu writing outside is a little off-putting to an uncultured westerner like myself, however once inside the staff are very friendly and have english menus – even forks if you’re so inclined. ;-)

Sunflower is one of those gems with a real minimal aged decor.... but you don't come here for the decoration, you'll be way too busy chowing down the delicious food.

The food at Sunflower is primarily vegetarian mock-meat meals, making meat style meals including “chicken” and “pork” with tofu and other components to mimic the flavors and textures – this is actually one of my first encounters with this style of cuisine, and whilst it’s not something I’d eat every day, it’s a nice treat and generally well received.

Mmmm delicious fried "chicken".

Delicious noodles!

More noodles with "pork" strips

It’s  good find and the meals are filling without being unreasonably massive – I’ve found that the meals are best enjoyed by ordering a couple items to share – and the fried “chicken” is amazing IMHO.

Only real issue with Sunflower, is that it only opens weeknights – since I tend to mostly be in Auckland CBD on weekends, I don’t get a whole heap of opportunities to go there.

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