Drexels Breakfast Resturant

As part of my Christchurch visit, Lisa was determined to take me to Drexels all-day-breakfast restaurant, providing an American-diner-like eating experience, going for big hearty meals and novelties like unlimited filter coffee.

Coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee!

Drexels originally had two restaurants, one in the CBD which has been demolished by the quake and another in Riccarton which is still open.

According to their website, they’re in the process of putting one in Wellington down Waring Taylor Street, which will be great since there isn’t a whole lot of good cafe and breakfast options down that end of town and it shouldn’t come at a loss for Wellington quirky cafe scene, as it offers quite a different style of food.

Mmmmm french toast. Fruit optionally available if you want to have a shot any any amount of healthiness.

Mmmmm smother it in maple syrup #healthyvegetarian

The french toast I had was quite excellent, being fried in butter and served with creme butter and a jug of maple syrup, it probably wasn’t my healthiest breakfast, but it was damn delicious.

I do like the sizing options at Drexels – I tend not to eat huge amounts and I find a lot of big breakfasts just slightly too large for me, so having the ability to choose the size of the meal (and pay accordingly), was a nice touch. The french toast comes with 1-3 pieces of bread and I found the 2 piece meal filled me up quite happily.

Being more of a diner and less of a typical NZ cafe, a lot of the extras you might normally expect need to be specifically ordered – eg fruit, toast, special sauces, etc. You can also order Canadian maple syrup if you want something a bit more authentic than the sugar + flavor combination that’s normally served.

Horrible horrible meat from my dining companions.

Fluffy pancakes - with a blob of creme butter ontop. Nom nom.

You can dine at the bar, but the restaurant is mostly fitted out with booths.

I really enjoyed my visit – the remaining Christchurch branch is pretty busy, probably not helped by the loss of the main restaurant, so you’re not going to hang around for an hour afterwards having coffee – if the Wellington one ends up having a bit more space so less pressure to get groups in/out, it would actually be a pretty excellent place for a bunchy hacking session – will have to see how it goes. :-)

It seems like after the quake, Wellington is getting a lot of relocation of Christchurch businesses – we’ve had the Bangalore Polo Club, the Cosmic HQ and now Drexels, possibly some others as well… It will be interesting to see how they fare.

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