Uncle Sam’s on Mars

I find it quite amusing seeing how much importance and excitement society puts on the Olympics, rather than the accomplishments of NASA’s rover program.

I can watch some dude going for a run, or a robot on mars showing high resolution pictures of another planet. Hmmmmmm.

If there was a channel showing nothing but live(ish) feed from the Mars rover, I would have it one non-stop in the background. :-)

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6 Responses to Uncle Sam’s on Mars

  1. Allen Han says:

    Macbook air!!!!!Macbook air!!!!!Macbook air!!!!!Macbook air!!!!!

    • Jethro Carr says:

      Sorry to get your hopes up, it’s Lisa’s machine. My Thinkpad was AFK doing real work so couldn’t use it for this photo shoot. ;-)

  2. Jack Scott says:

    Cool ISA card! Looks like a video card of some sort?

    I’m also a bit over the Olympic games. Here in Australia they had a huge whinge that we were only winning silver medals instead of gold. Our media sucks…

    • Jethro Carr says:

      Spot on! It’s an ISA video card, with a bit of cross stitch saying “Home is where my computer is” on it. :-)

      The Olympics coverage has been amusing, every other article is how we’re beating AU or how AU is stealing our gold metal count for themselves…. I’m just facepalming at it all.

  3. Jack Scott says:

    Cross stitch? I’d love a close-up of that!

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