Goodbye Satay Kampong

Many years ago when I started working in IT, my colleagues had a regular lunch session at Satay Kampong which introduced me to the wonders of excellent Malaysian cuisine.

Sadly just as I arrive back in Wellington for three weeks before flying out to Melbourne, I found out that Satay Kampong is going to be closing down permanently, giving me only enough time for one last visit.

Apparently the owners have decided to take a long holiday and then are considering re-opening a smaller store elsewhere – whether it will be under the same name or menu, remains to be seen.

I’ve been meaning to do a blog post on them for a while, so whilst it’s probably not that useful now, I feel I still need to mourn their passing – and one day if they re-open elsewhere, I will be there to check out and compare.

Spicy vegetarian nasi goreng – this one is the standard meal which I compares all other nasi gorengs I ever eat.

Tom Yum Soup

Prawn and tofu mee goreng

Chicken curry with rice and roti

Whilst Satay Kampong was often quiet, there were always diners there whenever I visited, so a smaller venue might work well for them – the current location on Allen St was a very large room and probably a little excessive.

Very sad to see them close, hopefully they re-emerge elsewhere before too long. :-)

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4 Responses to Goodbye Satay Kampong

  1. Allen Han says:

    Chicken curry? Those hands looks like Tom’s hands..

  2. Hanna says:

    Any news on this? I really really really miss their Hainanese chicken rice.

    • Jethro Carr says:

      I did a search around the other day, but didn’t come up with any news on whether the former owners had established a new restaurant at all – let me know if you hear anything, would love to once again indulge in their excellent cuisine. What other Malaysian places have you found around Wellington that are worth checking out? I’ve only just recently moved back into Wellington.

      • dianne says:

        we frequented satay kampong regularly from when they had their smaller restaurant and then the Allen street one. Loved chicken petai and many other dishes. The roti was particularly nice too. We moved from Wellington and were sorry to see them closed. But istana Malaysia has great food, their curry laksa very yummy, and the satay sauce and satays very like we have had often when in Malaysia on holiday. Wellington had a lot of Malaysian restaurants and we moved to a place that has none! So slowly earning how to make our own Malay food but buy in frozen Kawan brand roti which is lovely.

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