Yeah, nah, you’re fucked as bro

Image credit: some unknown internet genius

Image credit: some unknown internet genius (reddit?)

Today the New Zealand government passed some rather nasty legalisation on a slim 2 vote majority, thanks to the current conservative National party and their political allies, despite strong public opposition and large number of submissions.

This new legalisation is New Zealand’s equivalent of legalising the same sort of actions that the NSA has been undertaking on NZ citizens, making it very easy for the current government to allow domestic spying and interception of traffic for targeted or wide groups of citizens.

If you’re a New Zealand citizen, you should be concerned – have a reach of Tech Liberty’s write up on the issues here, the speech by Thomas Beagle and also their write up of the related TCIS bill. Andrea Vance’s write up on the issues is worth a read as well for some

I hope my fellow New Zealanders who voted National and their supporting parties take a good look at what their decisions lead to at the next election and choose a party that better respects the freedoms of New Zealanders, such as the Greens.

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  1. Peter Dawson says:

    Erm, Jethro, it was United Future, not NZ First that propped up the Pry Minister’s legislation. Give Winnie his due – he opposed the bill – even if he generally isn’t the best apple in the barrel.

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