No this year

So 2016 marks 10 years since my first very in 2006. That’s so long ago it even predates the start of this blog!

Sadly I’m not heading to LCA 2016 in Geelong this year. A number of reasons for this, but I think in general I just needed a break this year. I want LCA to be something I’m really excited about again rather than it feeling like a yearly habit so a year away is probably going to help.

This isn’t a criticism of the 2016 team, it looks like they’re putting together an excellent conference and it should be very enjoyable for everyone attending this year. It’s going to suck not seeing a bunch of friends whom I normally see, but hope to see everyone at 2017 in Hobart.

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3 Responses to No this year

  1. JackScottAU says:

    I’m sad you won’t be at LCA this year, it’s always good to catch up. :(

    I know how you feel about wanting to be excited by conferences – I stopped attending PyConAU so that I could enjoy (and afford) LCA more.

    See you in Hobart!

  2. tjh says:

    Hobart beats everything.

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