About Jethro

I’m a computer geek specialising open source and web technologies including GNU/Linux, large-scale web applications, cloud environments, networking, security and software development

My work background is primarily around the DevOps space, with past experience at a large NZ/AU media company, a consultancy working in the telecommunications space and running my own startup company for a few years. I talk infrequently at various conferences about some of the things I get up to and a number of these talks can be found on this blog.

In my free time, I tend to hack on fun software projects (see my own projects here), write about geeky topics, sometimes I write about travelling and sometimes I even write about going outside, a clearly shocking act for someone who spends 12+ hours a day infront of a computer screen. O_o

I originate from (and currently live in) Wellington (the capital city of New Zealand), but have also spent a year living in Auckland (the largest city in New Zealand) and 1.5 years in Sydney (the largest city in Australia).

I’m particularly passionate about Open Source & Free Software (especially the GNU/Linux world) and like many opinionated geeks, have plenty of thoughts in other areas as well.

If you wish to contact me, there are numerous methods listed here.