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Introducing o4send

Awhile ago, Amberdms was contracted to develop an application for sending messages to bluetooth enabled mobile phones for the NZ world expo. Essentially the idea was that people would visit the expo, receive a file on their mobiles and receive some awesome content about … Continue reading

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30 days of geek takes off?

Readers who have been around for a little while may recall my 30 days of geek blogging challenge, which I sadly ran out of time to complete the last few questions. Recently @CyrisXD has taken up the idea and has … Continue reading

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I hate the emergency seat

In my current role I do a fair bit of domestic AirNZ travel, typically to-from Auckland and Napier for work. Lately the AirNZ check in computers have been automatically assigning me to the emergency exit row – something that would … Continue reading

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AirNZ A320 Domestic

I’ve been up in Auckland this week having fun working with centralised authentication solutions for customers – after extinguishing my sanity, I returned to Wellington, by means of one of the new AirNZ A320 domestic jets. I managed to score … Continue reading

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DHCP, I/O and other virtualisation fun with KVM

I recently shifted from having two huge server racks down to having a single speedy home server running KVM virtual machines, with the intent of packaging all my servers – experimental, development, staging, etc, into a single reliable system which … Continue reading

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Kickstarting Christchurch

Now that the immediate quake issues are being addressed, attention is being turned to how New Zealand is going to fund the repair to Christchurch. There’s discussions about introducing new taxes, re-introducing student loan taxes and of course there’s likely … Continue reading

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