Wellington Home Automation Hackers

I’m slowly setting up more and more Internet-of-Things stuff in my house and because of my interest in this space I’ve started a Wellington Home Automation Hackers meetup that will meet monthly! If you’re in Wellington and are interested in this sort of thing, please do join the group and come along!

I’m aiming to have 2 different presenters lined up every month to ensure a range of topics, including a mix of presentations suitable for less technical beginners as well as more technical gurus (and everything in-between).

I kicked off the first month by talking about my adventures so far with Home Assistant, using it to integrate with my air conditioning, house alarm and how I’m using it in conjunction with Apple Homekit. If you missed it but this sounds fun, check it out on YouTube below!

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2 Responses to Wellington Home Automation Hackers

  1. JackScottAU says:

    Oh man, I wish I was in Wellington now!

    • Jethro Carr says:

      If you ever want to come visit, we have a guest room :-) It’s part of my “bribes for presenters” strategy of meetup organisation.

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