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Introduction to Linux clustering

I’ve released a new article – Introduction to Linux Clustering. This one has been cooking for a few months now, so I finally finished it off seeing that I’ve got 4 days off thanks to Easter. Easter is great – … Continue reading

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PHP Timezone Problems (for NZ)

In 2007, the NZ government changed daylight savings, by extending it a couple of weeks. Whilst the Linux vendors pushed out updates for tzdata which contains the data needed for your system clock to function, PHP has it’s own timezone … Continue reading

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Humor: Questions for flatting

If you’re a geek looking for a flat, your needs probably differ from other members of the general population. The problem is remembering all the requirements that you need to ask about. So I’ve compiled a list of every important … Continue reading

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Wearable PC

I just ordered some parts, to start building a wearable computer! I’ll be using the gumstix LCD kit for the base of it. The base unit will have touch screen, ethernet, microSD and 3 serial interfaces. From there, I can … Continue reading

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