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A reminisce of Auckland

During the year (late 2011-late 2012) I spent in Auckland after moving up there to be with Lisa, I collected a number of good memories and pictures from the region that I want to share to showcase what I consider … Continue reading

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Escape from Auckland!

We finally managed to complete the move out last weekend! I don’t know how we managed to collect so much stuff in just 11 months, but we managed to fill my Starlet and an entire van with all Lisa’s stuff… … Continue reading

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Auckland Sky Tower

For my last day at work, I was lucky enough to get a task to go up the Auckland Sky Tower to perform some maintenance in the data center up there – despite living in Auckland for the past 12 … Continue reading

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Getting there!

Whilst I’ve been selling off a lot of stuff lately, I started attacking the apartment properly this weekend and the evenings since, going with a system of 3 piles –¬† stuff to take to Melbourne, stuff to store in Wellington … Continue reading

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Goodbye NZ, hello Aussies!

So it’s official, Lisa and I are heading off from NZ for a while to try our luck over in that other small island nation across the Tasman. The idea is that we’ll spend a couple years in AU and … Continue reading

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Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant Auckland

I found Sunflower one weeknight when on a quest to find something delicious to eat as a vegetarian that wasn’t some overpriced and unsatisfying yuppie Britomart food. I ended up wandering up High Street and found the Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant … Continue reading

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LDAP & RADIUS centralised authentication

I recently did a presentation at the June AuckLUG meeting on configuring LDAP and RADIUS centralised authentication solutions. It’s a little rough (first time I’ve done a presentation on the topic), but hopefully is of use to anyone interested in … Continue reading

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Whilst I’ve been in Auckland for about 8 months now and driven past it a number of times, I had yet to visit the Auckland Museum Of¬†Transport And Technology (MOTAT). However this month (June) there’s free entry for all visitors, … Continue reading

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Bit Flipping Cycle Lanes

On my recent walk to Devonport I was amazed at the design of the cycle lanes made by the North Shore City Council (now part of the amalgamated Auckland City Council). Aside from the initial amazement that such a car-focused … Continue reading

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Early Morning Auckland

My good friend @LGnome was transiting via Auckland and had a day to spend up here to see the sights. Naturally I delivered with one near side-swipe, two cars running a red light right in front of us and congested … Continue reading

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