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Twitter Auto Delete

Despite me making a clean break from Twitter earlier this year, I’ve ended up back on it on a casual basis, mostly due to the number of my friends on there who only chat or are only reachable via it. … Continue reading

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Whirlwind Month

Since I left Auckland at the end of August, it’s been a pretty hectic month, with flights all over the place and adventures in Wellington, Hastings, Melbourne and Sydney! After we left Auckland, Lisa and I enjoyed a relaxed week … Continue reading

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Android OpenVPN & Jelly Bean

Last night my Galaxy Nexus finally got the Jelly Bean update pushed to it via Over-The-Air – I’m not sure why it’s taken until now to get it, but ICS has been working fine so I never bothered to build … Continue reading

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RS232 Shifter Board

As part of my project to make an Arduino based watchdog for my home server, I went and picked up a proper soldering iron today and assembled the RS232 Shifter Circuit I had purchased from Sparkfun/Mindkits. I ended up getting … Continue reading

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Goodbye Satay Kampong

Many years ago when I started working in IT, my colleagues had a regular lunch session at Satay Kampong which introduced me to the wonders of excellent Malaysian cuisine. Sadly just as I arrive back in Wellington for three weeks … Continue reading

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I might have too many cables….

This is what happens when you’re a computer geek for 10+ yrs…..

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Escape from Auckland!

We finally managed to complete the move out last weekend! I don’t know how we managed to collect so much stuff in just 11 months, but we managed to fill my Starlet and an entire van with all Lisa’s stuff… … Continue reading

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