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Micropayments & Donations

People generally want to say thanks when others do them a favor, it’s pretty common we shout someone a beer or a coffee, but it’s hard to do this online – assuming that person can even take an online payment … Continue reading

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Half a Terrabyte

With companies in Australia offering 1TB plans, us New Zealanders have been getting pretty jealous of only having 100GB plans for the same money. Except that a couple days ago, my ISP Snap! upgraded everyone’s data allowance by at least … Continue reading

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As much as I love a visit to a fine dining establishment such as Ti Kouka, sometimes it’s nice to just have somewhere you can go for a hearty laid back feed, coffee, beer and just enjoy some solid yet … Continue reading

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Lord of the Fries

As a New Zealander, Australia is always an attractive option to consider as a destination for both holidays and work experiences – better money, better weather (assuming you like heat), more opportunities and a chance to experience living in a … Continue reading

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DAViCal 1.0.2 on RHEL 5 & 6

To follow up on my previous post about DAViCal, I’ve built and published RPMs for DAViCal itself and the php-awl dependency. These are based off provided spec files from the project and tweaked somewhat to be more suitable for RHEL … Continue reading

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DAViCal, awkward name, great features

A reoccurring theme of this blog is that I love to be able to use open standards and open source for storing and accessing my information – biggest example is of course IMAP for email, but I also use tools … Continue reading

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Grand Theft Auto

Had a wonderful wake up this morning with a call from my property manager, advising that thieves had attempted to steal my car. Apparently a tenant called in 111 around 7am in the morning, finding my car with the lights … Continue reading

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Auckland Harbour

Took this on my way into Auckland CBD for Wordcamp this morning – Auckland has a lot of faults, but it is quite a pretty region (or would be without the massive sprawl and motorways all over it).

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Leosticks are a gateway drug

At earlier this year, the guys behind Freetronics gave every attendee a free Leostick Arduino compatible board. As I predicted at the time, this quickly became the gateway drug – having been given an awesome 8-bit processor that can … Continue reading

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Leave them kids alone!

I’ve been reading a disturbing number of articles lately advocating and promoting software solutions for the monitoring of children’s smartphones and computers. I don’t have too much issue with children having software on their computers for filtering access to the … Continue reading

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