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I hate it when the supermarket runs out of the larger 350g Pesto containers – particularly when they charge $2.57 per 100g vs $5.11 per 100g depending which size container is purchased… Incidentally the above pictured Genoese-brand pesto is the … Continue reading

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Android alarm UI WTF

I like Android, but there are a few times the UX (User Experience) is a bit messed up compared with the way the user thinks. For example, take the newly introduced alarm clock time selection interface added in ICS: So … Continue reading

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Auckland Sky Tower

For my last day at work, I was lucky enough to get a task to go up the Auckland Sky Tower to perform some maintenance in the data center up there – despite living in Auckland for the past 12 … Continue reading

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Goodbye mighty steed

Sadly with my move to AU, I now have to make the painful decision to sell my 1997 Toyota Starlet, the mighty steed that has lead to many great travels with me. I have a listing up on Trademe with … Continue reading

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Welly Plans

Drove down to Wellington from Auckland last night (8hr drive), unloaded all the stuff at parents place and will be here for a few weeks before flying out. I’m in Wellington until the 15th of September, Lisa is here with … Continue reading

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Communications Tribunal? No thanks!

I’ve been extremely concerned to read about the plans to introduce a communications tribunal in New Zealand, an organization which will have disturbing powers such as being able to determine the criminality of “offensive content” online. Tech Liberty is doing … Continue reading

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Getting there!

Whilst I’ve been selling off a lot of stuff lately, I started attacking the apartment properly this weekend and the evenings since, going with a system of 3 piles –  stuff to take to Melbourne, stuff to store in Wellington … Continue reading

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Home is where my computer is

Jack asked me yesterday about the ISA video card in the background, by my TV. I found it when at the Broadbeach Markets, in Gold Coast, Brisbane, Australia one year at a random stall, I don’t normally collect much in … Continue reading

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Uncle Sam’s on Mars

I find it quite amusing seeing how much importance and excitement society puts on the Olympics, rather than the accomplishments of NASA’s rover program. If there was a channel showing nothing but live(ish) feed from the Mars rover, I would … Continue reading

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Slowly clearing my stuff…

Sorry for another marketing sales interruption, but I’ve listed the remaining items of furniture from my flat onto Trademe this evening. It includes some good stuff like a great computer desk, chair, bed, dining table and other items, if you’re … Continue reading

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