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Google Play Region Locking

Sadly Android is giving me further reason for dissatisfaction with the discovery that Google Play refuses to correctly detect the current country I’m in and is blocking content from them. Being citizens of New Zealand and living in Australia, both … Continue reading

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Android 4.2.2 Issues

Having just flown from Sydney AU to Christchurch NZ, my Galaxy Nexus suddenly decided to finally offer me the Android 4.2.2 upgrade. Since I got the phone in 2012, it’s been running Android 4.1 – I had expected to receive … Continue reading

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NZ Easter Plans

For my friends/followers/stalkers in NZ, I’ll be coming home for Easter – here are the key dates: Thu 28 March: Sydney -> Christchurch Fri 29 March: Christchurch * Sat 30 March: Christchurch -> Wellington Sun 31 March: Wellington * Mon … Continue reading

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Black Mirror, Cloud Atlas and other awesomeness

It’s not often that I blog about video content, however I’ve seen a few really good items lately which has been a welcome relief from the murky sea of trash typically produced by networks. Black Mirror Firstly, Black Mirror – … Continue reading

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SSH via SOCKS proxies

Non-transparent proxies are generally a complete nuisance at the best of times and huge consumers of time and IT resources at their worst. Sadly proxies are a popular feature in corporate IT networks, so it’s not always possible to avoid … Continue reading

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