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NamedManager 1.5.1

I’ve pushed a new release of NamedManager version 1.5.1, this release is a minor bug fix release providing: Bug fix for handling of TXT records, where extra slashes would be entered into the record due to an input validator bug. … Continue reading

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Updated Repositories

I’ve gone and updated my GNU/Linux repositories with a new home page – some of you may have been using this under my previous Amberdms branding, but it’s more appropriate that it be done under my own name these days … Continue reading

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A reminisce of Auckland

During the year (late 2011-late 2012) I spent in Auckland after moving up there to be with Lisa, I collected a number of good memories and pictures from the region that I want to share to showcase what I consider … Continue reading

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ip6tables: ipv6-icmp vs icmp

I run a fully dual stacked IPv6+IPv4 network on my servers, VPNs and home network – part of this is that I get to discover interesting new first-adopter pains with living in the future (like Networkmanager/Kernel bugs, Munin being stupid, … Continue reading

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Final day of – I’m about a week behind schedule in posting, but that’s about how long it takes to catch up on life following a week at LCA. ;-) Friday’s conference keynote was delivered by Tim Berners-Lee, who … Continue reading

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Another successful day of Linux geeking has passed, this week is going surprisingly quickly… Some of the days highlights: James Bottomley spoke on the current state of Linux UEFI support and demonstrated the tools and processes to install and manage … Continue reading

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