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Auckland, here I come!

As per my recent post, @splatdevil has now obtained a job in Auckland! And because I can’t resist her snuggles, I’ve decided to move up there with her! We’ve been dating since Janurary and most of this so far has … Continue reading

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Air New Zealand Booking Frustrations

With all the travel that lisa and myself will be doing over the next few months, I’ve ended up booking a lot of flights – first set for October travel to AU, second for January travel to AU for … Continue reading

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Job for snugglier half!

Short post – some great news on the job front – Lisa/@splatdevil has accepted a job offer from an Auckland-based magazine and will be moving up there to write for them. :-D We’re not totally sure what I’ll be doing … Continue reading

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October AU Travels Plans

I’ve been in a bit of a travelling mood lately – first a North Island roadtrip then snowboarding, next I’m off to visit Melbourne and Brisbane, two of my favourite cities . I’ve visited both places a few times now, … Continue reading

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Snowboarding with the geeks

A few weeks ago[1] I went up to Mt Ruapheu with a few friends (@splatdevil, @dothedeerdance, @xarius) to take part in a bit of snowboarding. Whilst I’m sure many of my readers are laughing, this did actually take place, and … Continue reading

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A mate’s a mate, mate?

I’m getting really quite tired of finding so many false friends lately, people who say one thing to me, say another behind my back, and people who I’ve entrusted with stuff who then turn around and try to use it … Continue reading

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Sick of WINZ, sick of NZ, sick of people

One of the great things about being a New Zealander, is that we pride ourselves on our social security system – the fact that if you lose your job, if everything fails in your life, if you hit rock bottom, … Continue reading

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Impatient Linux geek’s review of Win8 preview

As you undoubtedly know, I’m one of Microsoft’s biggest fans [1], so I eagerly downloaded the newly released Windows 8 Developer Preview to take a look at what they’re aiming to with Windows 8. This post is just based on a quick … Continue reading

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Adventures in the lands of the north

As a loyal and frequent visitor to my blog (ha!) you will have noted that I went up North for a 4 day roadtrip – firstly to Auckland, then Rotorua and back to Wellington via Hawke’s Bay. I didn’t take … Continue reading

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Cooling Upgrades

Since building my new KVM server in January, I’ve been experiencing random occasional system crashes – sometimes months apart, other times a couple in a week. I’ve been trying to trace the cause, but this fault is hard to diagnose – … Continue reading

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