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The previous owners of our house had left us with a reasonably comprehensive alarm system wired throughout the house, however like many alarm systems currently in homes, it required an analogue phone line to be able to call back to … Continue reading

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2degrees or not 2degrees?

Coming back to New Zealand from Australia, I was faced with needing to pick a telco to use. I’ve used all three New Zealand networks in the past few years (all pre-4G/LTE) and don’t have any particular reason/loyalty to use … Continue reading

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Encrypting disk on Android 4

Traditional computer operating systems have been around for a while, long enough that concerns around physical security have been well addressed. We understand the value and power that the information on our computers can provide to an attacker, so we … Continue reading

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Android, the leading propietary mobile operating system

The Linux kernel has had a long history in the mobile space, with the successes and benefits of the OS in the embedded world transferring across to the smart phone and tablet market once devices evolved to a level requiring … Continue reading

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Having moved to AU means that I now have two cell phones – one with my AU SIM card and another with my NZ SIM card which I keep around in order to receive the odd message from friends/contacts back … Continue reading

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Firefox Mobile for Android CAs

I’ve been using Firefox Mobile on Android for a while (thanks to the fact that it means I can use Firefox Sync between my laptop and mobile to share data). Overall it’s pretty good and the last few releases have … Continue reading

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Android VNC

Recently I’ve been using a few of my older Android smartphones for various projects where I’ll need to have the phones in a remote location or having the phones in a non-easily accessible location. A conventional Linux system would be … Continue reading

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Google Play Region Locking

Sadly Android is giving me further reason for dissatisfaction with the discovery that Google Play refuses to correctly detect the current country I’m in and is blocking content from them. Being citizens of New Zealand and living in Australia, both … Continue reading

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Android 4.2.2 Issues

Having just flown from Sydney AU to Christchurch NZ, my Galaxy Nexus suddenly decided to finally offer me the Android 4.2.2 upgrade. Since I got the phone in 2012, it’s been running Android 4.1 – I had expected to receive … Continue reading

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Android ICS & the MTP pain

With Android 3.0, Google switched the way of accessing files on Android devices from USB mass storage device behaviour, to Media Transfer Protocol, a standard initially created by Microsoft, but later developed into part of the USB standard for media … Continue reading

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