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Apache Redirect & Varnish

Apache’s mod_rewrite is an awesome module providing all sorts of impressive capabilities, however it’s sometimes overkill when all you want is to redirect an entire site or path to a different one. In these situations, the mod_alias’s Rewrite function is … Continue reading

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Android ICS & the MTP pain

With Android 3.0, Google switched the way of accessing files on Android devices from USB mass storage device behaviour, to Media Transfer Protocol, a standard initially created by Microsoft, but later developed into part of the USB standard for media … Continue reading

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Great server crash of 2012

In a twist of irony, shortly after boarding my flight in Sydney for my trip back to Wellington to escape the heat of the AU summer, my home NZ server crashed due to the massive 30 degree heatwave experienced in … Continue reading

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Invasion of the body scanners

I’m currently sitting in Sydney international airport having passed through security – I must say that I highly recommend travelling on Christmas day, the airport is deserted compared to it’s normal volume of travellers. There’s been a few changes since … Continue reading

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Google Convoy

Spotted this when doing street view around Pyrmont Sydney – there’s at least two Google cars since one has captured this picture, looks like there might even be a third…. Unsure why there would be a convoy of cars, the … Continue reading

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It’s nearing that important time of year that the NZ-AU open source flock congregate that important and time honoured tradition of I’ve said plenty about this conference in the past, going to make an effort to write a lot … Continue reading

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Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

On one of our trips down to Circular Quay, we recently discovered the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia. It’s a free museum with a range of interesting and unique exhibits and worth visiting if you have a couple of hours … Continue reading

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Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum

The Powerhouse Museum in Sydney is a science/tech/design museum offering a range of exhibits including space, robotics, history, fashion and other geeky and design related topics. I went there on a special event day so the usual $12 entrance fee … Continue reading

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Bondi Beach

Seeing as I’m living in Sydney, I felt compelled to head out to visit Bondi Beach – it’s a pretty famous location, so figured it’s worth getting out there to check it out at least once. Getting out to Bondi … Continue reading

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Das Keyboard Ultimate Silent

With the recent move to Sydney, I’ve had to leave my beloved IBM Model M keyboards back in New Zealand – sadly they’re a bit heavy and large to effectively pack into my luggage without sacrificing some much needed clothes. … Continue reading

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