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2020-2022 mega update

It seems somewhere along the way I’ve lost my passion/time for updating this blog. I personally blame getting the bike as now I have yet another exciting way to spend rather limited amounts of available time, but it’s probably largely … Continue reading

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eBike life

Back in October 2018, I finally did something I’d been meaning to do for a while and got myself an ebike. Two main reasons for this decision – Firstly the public transport in Wellington is useless so rather than taking … Continue reading

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A reminisce of Auckland

During the year (late 2011-late 2012) I spent in Auckland after moving up there to be with Lisa, I collected a number of good memories and pictures from the region that I want to share to showcase what I consider … Continue reading

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Commuting in Sydney

I’ve now been in Sydney for 5 weeks, settling into a new job, a new lifestyle and an entirely new city. Still very much in the tourist phase, there’s heaps we still need to see and do and only just … Continue reading

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How Jethro Geeks – IRL

A number of friends are always quite interested in how my personal IT infrastructure is put together, so I’m going to try and do one post a week ranging from physical environments, desktop, applications, server environments, monitoring and architecture. Hopefully … Continue reading

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I’ve taken a┬áspontaneous holiday. Not to some exotic location or escape from daily life, but rather a Twitter holiday, logging out of my account, removing it from my laptop, my phone and any other system I use. I’m still trying … Continue reading

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So I might have gotten slightly engaged….

You may recall that this time last year I met a very lovely lady and becoming somewhat attached to her. On the 29th of January it was our 1 yr “official” anniversary, which we spent in Wellington. I realised there’s … Continue reading

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A mate’s a mate, mate?

I’m getting really quite tired of finding so many false friends lately, people who say one thing to me, say another behind my back, and people who I’ve entrusted with stuff who then turn around and try to use it … Continue reading

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