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The Heating Project

Having gone through three Wellington winters in our home, Lisa and I really didn’t want to make it a fourth this year. Whilst our property is fortunate enough to get a lot of sun during the day, it still can’t … Continue reading

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Adventures in I/O Hell

Earlier this year I had a disk fail in my NZ-based file & VM server. This isn’t something unexpected, the server has 12x hard disks, which are over 2 years old, some failures are to be expected over time. I … Continue reading

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In Welly for Kiwicon

I’ll be in Wellington for Kiwicon from Fri 8th to Tue 12th. If you’re coming to the conference, track me down and we’ll catch up there. If you’re not at the conference, I’ll be around town, so just drop me … Continue reading

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Marriage Equality

New Zealand has passed legalisation for allowing same-sex marriage this evening! I’m so happy for my many LGBT friends and love the fact that no matter whom any of us love, we can get the same recognition and rights in … Continue reading

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Communications Tribunal? No thanks!

I’ve been extremely concerned to read about the plans to introduce a communications tribunal in New Zealand, an organization which will have disturbing powers such as being able to determine the criminality of “offensive content” online. Tech Liberty is doing … Continue reading

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Look to the past to see the future

I came across  a great tweet the other day, pretty much sums up the whole marriage equality debate being had across the world: Pretty happy that I come from a country that recognizes the rights and privileges for my LGBTWTF … Continue reading

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Half a Terrabyte

With companies in Australia offering 1TB plans, us New Zealanders have been getting pretty jealous of only having 100GB plans for the same money. Except that a couple days ago, my ISP Snap! upgraded everyone’s data allowance by at least … Continue reading

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Why I hate DSL

I’m living around 8km from the center of Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, with only 8 mbits down and 0.84 mbits upstream in a very modern building with (presumably) good wiring installed. :'( The above is what happens to your … Continue reading

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