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So I might have gotten slightly engaged….

You may recall that this time last year I met a very lovely lady and becoming somewhat attached to her. On the 29th of January it was our 1 yr “official” anniversary, which we spent in Wellington. I realised there’s … Continue reading

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Wellington Visit

I’ll be heading down to Wellington to escape the Auckland anniversary long weekend and spending a few days catching up with friends and family. I’ll be bringing Lisa down with me too, so we can inflict the poor long-suffering people … Continue reading

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Intel 320 SSD stats & encryption

I recently obtained a 120GB Intel 320 SSD for upgrading my Lenovo Thinkpad X201i from it’s sluggish hard disk to something with a bit sharper performance. Whilst not the latest and highest performance SSD from Intel, it’s certainly still very … Continue reading

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Great Ocean Roadtrip

The weekend before, I decided to go on a roadtrip with @chrisjrn down south of Melbourne for a roadtrip through the rural areas and along the Great Ocean Road. I started the trip with a pickup from @chrisjrn from … Continue reading

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AirNZ 747, yay!

For my trip to in Melbourne/Ballarat I had rescheduled my flights from Wellington to Auckland due to the fact that I had booked my flights before my lovely lady dragged me up to Auckland to live with her. It’s … Continue reading

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In a couple days I’ll be flying out to Melbourne, Australia for 2012, the undisputed greatest week of the year, being held in Ballarat. I’ve been attending this conference since 2006 in Dunedin and it’s continued to be an … Continue reading

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Comment Subscription!

I’ve noticed that it’s pretty hard to maintain a good conversation on my blog thanks to the lack of email response to people’s comments – eg often someone posts a comment, I reply, but they never actually get notified that … Continue reading

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apt-get install debian

Early last year I wrote how I was concerned about the progress and future of the CentOS project and was considering other options. As of today, I’ve now shifted my primary workstation (Lenovo X201i laptop) from the somewhat out of … Continue reading

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100% pure freedom phone?

As per my earlier rant about Android’s openness, I’m not particularly happy with all the binary components on my phone, nor am I particularly happy with the Android Market’s control and lack of clarity around licensing. There’s multiple issues with … Continue reading

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Android Market Immaturity

Whilst I’m on the war path of Android, there’s a number of major issues that the Android Market has which have been causing me great annoyance lately. It feels very much like Google rushed out a Market application that meets … Continue reading

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