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North Island Roadtrip

In a random fit of madness I decided to take a couple days leave this month – meaning I have a four day weekend, from Thur 25th to Sun 28th. I’ve decided to spend this by taking a road-trip from Wellington up … Continue reading

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Waste Overload

Getting pretty tired of the amount of waste that gets generated, even by somewhat recycling conscious individuals like myself, kind of depressing considering how much we send to landfill as a society. Being in IT doesn’t help, a lot of stuff provided … Continue reading

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Optimizing Life

Lately I’ve been feeling pretty annoyed at some of the things going on in my life, so trying to make some improvements, looking at what I dislike about my lifestyle currently. Credit Cards – A necessarily evil – I do a lot … Continue reading

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Rugby World Cup Dates

Not particularly looking forwards to the Rugby World Cup, being held in New Zealand this year – especially the after game celebrations that will undoubtedly take place. Incase you’re wondering when, RWC starts on 9 September and ends 23 October – I … Continue reading

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KVM/libvirt change CDROM

I was setting up some Windows virtual machines this evening on my Linux KVM/libvirt server, in order to experiment with how Windows handles IPv6 networks. Installing windows was easy enough – standard virt-install commands, however post-reboot, Windows XP wants to … Continue reading

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Thinkpad Wireless Headaches

Last year I obtained a new Lenovo x201i laptop to replace my aging Libretto – it’s been going pretty well, with one glaring exception – thanks to the “Thinkpad Wireless” 802.11n wifi card. Lenovo sell their laptops with several wifi options … Continue reading

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