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Light Rail of Sydney

Ending up living in Sydney rather than Melbourne has brought one unfortunate side effect – a lack of awesome trams spread around the city. Thankfully it turns out one doesn’t have to go all the way to Melbourne just to … Continue reading

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Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk

One of my biggest annoyances about living in Auckland is that the only way to cross the Auckland Harbour Bridge was via car or bus –  so whilst my apartment would have been within feasible walking distance to the city, … Continue reading

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Australian National Maritime Museum

As part of my daily walk to work in Pyrmont, I pass the impressive Australian National Maritime Museum – considering they have both a Destroyer and a submarine parked in the harbor outside, I could hardly resist a visit for … Continue reading

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Debian Testing with Cinnamon

I’ve been running Debian Stable on my laptop for about 10 months for a number of reasons, but in particular as a way of staying away from GNOME 3 for a while longer. GNOME 3 is one of those divisive … Continue reading

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Point & click Procmail with MailGuidance

Procmail is a rather old, but still very useful Unix/Linux application commonly used for writing mail filter rules on Linux servers. I typically use it for user-level filtering, such as defining mailbox filters for all my emails. It’s also useful … Continue reading

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Radius Rapid Rotate (R3)

I’ve been spending a bit of time lately going through my private source code repositories and tidying up things for public release. A while ago I had a customer who required their FreeRadius traffic accounting logs to be collected from … Continue reading

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Introducing FlatTraffic

FlatTraffic is an AGPL web interface for analyzing NetFlow records and showing statistics designed to make it clear and easy to determine which hosts of the network are consuming data. It’s still in beta stage, the application is functional and … Continue reading

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Munin 2.0.x on EL 5/6 with IPv6

I’ve been looking forwards to Munin 2 for a while – whilst Munin has historically been a great monitoring resource, it’s always been a little bit too fragile for my liking and the 2.x series sounds like it will correct … Continue reading

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Commuting in Sydney

I’ve now been in Sydney for 5 weeks, settling into a new job, a new lifestyle and an entirely new city. Still very much in the tourist phase, there’s heaps we still need to see and do and only just … Continue reading

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Wellington in New Years

For those of you back in NZ, I will be flying to Wellington for New Years and will be in the city from 25th Dec until 4th of January. My lovely fiancee will be there for a subset of that … Continue reading

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