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Sydney Visit

I decide to take a visit to Sydney for a weekend earlier this month and haven’t had a chance to get around to putting up the information just yet – so here’s my overdue blog post so that people stop … Continue reading

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Sony & Identity Theft

By now most people have heard of the Sony Playstation Network getting hacked and around 75 million accounts worth of information being obtained. Ignoring the whole fact that someone owned Sony so badly and that they’re not even sure if … Continue reading

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Freedom vs Risk

I was having an interesting discussion on twitter this evening, in relation to driving age. Being under 25, the process of leasing a car and getting insurance is quite difficult at times – some places refuse to lease to anyone … Continue reading

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Android VPN Rage

Having obtained a shiny new Nexus S to replace my aging HTC Magic, I’ve been spending the last few days setting it up as I want it – favorite apps, settings, email, etc. The setup is a little more complex for me, … Continue reading

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Flatmate Wanted May 2011

Sadly our favorite third flatmate @thatjohn is moving out to go overseas for a number of months, so we need to look for a replacement flatmate at #geekflat, ideally from May until Feb 2012 when our lease expires.   Flat is a … Continue reading

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I hate Tuesday

Today has been a trial of frustrations and annoyances…. I love IT completely, but sometimes even I have a bad day. In summary, my day: Personal server has crashed 2x today with no error messages or displayed panics. This is … Continue reading

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Day 23 – Post a review of an application that you use

This late post is part of my 30 days of geek challenge. I figured it would be a bit too naracistic to review my own software and a bit boring to review some of my ever day applications, so instead I’m … Continue reading

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Now is the winter of my content

It’s suddenly gotten much colder in Wellington (about 13c currently), looks like summer is over and winter is on it’s way. As weird as it sounds, winter is my favorite time of the year in Wellington – instead of mediocre days, we have crisp, … Continue reading


Day 22 – Release some software under an open source license that you haven’t released before.

This late post is part of my 30 days of geek challenge. I’ve released a bit of software before under open source licenses – originally mostly scripts and various utilities, before moving on to starting my own open source company (Amberdms … Continue reading

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