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Wellington Visit Nov

Yay, I’ll be down in Wellington for a short visit on Friday 18th and Sat 19th of November. :-) Flying down for a work project on Friday, plans out in town with friends on Friday and brunch on Saturday. If … Continue reading

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Sunday Geekup Auckland

Figured now that I’m up in Auckland it would be good to assemble some resemblance of a social life up here – aiming to be a regular to Auckland Thursday Night Curry and considering some other geeky groups to get involved with. (maybe TangleBall, … Continue reading

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Process Monitor for Windows

From time to time I’m dragged into the murky world of Microsoft to debug a problem a customer is having, or to setup the occasional small business server. My Windows skills are passable, but certainly nowhere near as good as … Continue reading

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Walk Te Araroa?

I’m not a particularly outdoorsy kind of person, but there have been times when I’ve ventured out into the sun and been rewarded with painfully blistering skin instead of my delightful geek tan (as witnessed with my recent snowboarding efforts). … Continue reading

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Occupy My Blog

I’ve been observing the Occupy movement with great interest over the past month. Whilst it’s extremely interesting to note how an online movement has moved into the physical and gone worldwide, it’s been even more interesting to see how society … Continue reading

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OMG Auckland

So I’m now offically an Aucklander, after my trip down to Kiwicon, I can’t deny it any more – I’ve moved in, my server is back online and I’m slowly setting into regular patterns of work/social life with Lisa. It’s … Continue reading

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Kiwicon in Wellington

Having only just moved to Auckland, I’ve only just started reassembling my computer setup and unpacking boxes, yet already back down to Wellington attend the 5th Kiwicon Hacking & Security conference. Looking forwards to it, it’s always an interesting conference … Continue reading

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