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SPF with SpamAssassin

I’ve been using SpamAssassin for years, it’s a fantastic open source anti-spam tool and plugs easily into *nix operating system mail transport agents such as Sendmail and Postfix. To stop sender address forgery, where spammers email using my domain to … Continue reading

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Puppet CRL Time Errors

Puppet is much loved for it’s clear meaningful messages when something goes wrong, made even more delightful when you combine it with the lovely error messages thrown out by OpenSSL. Warning: SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=SSLv3 read server certificate B: certificate … Continue reading

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Retro mode, engage!

Most followers of this blog will be following updates via RSS readers or automated Twitter postings, however I’ve had some requests to also offer email subscriptions for people who don’t make use of RSS readers or Twitter. I’ve chucked up … Continue reading

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Virgin Travel Bank Woes

A few months back, a flight I was on from Melbourne to Sydney got cancelled and I ended up having to chase Virgin through numerous phone calls to get a refund processed. Being the large annoying company that they are, … Continue reading

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Hard drives can be bad influences on your RAID

RAID is designed to handle the loss of hard disks due to hardware failure and can ensure continual service during such a time. But hard drives are wonderful creatures and instead of dying quickly, they can often prolong their death … Continue reading

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