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Git & GitHub Enabled

I’ve been developing software for a little while now and have build up a few repositories for my applications, with all my open source ones being available publicly. Sometimes people find some of my applications useful and I get thanks, … Continue reading

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Attack vectors for personal computers

I’ve put together a (very) simplified overview of various attack vectors for an end user’s personal computer. For a determined attacker with the right resources, all of the above is potentially possible, although whether an attacker would go to this … Continue reading

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Why SSL is really ISL

Secure transmission of data online is extremely important to avoid attackers intercepting data or claiming to be a site that they are not. To provide this, a technology called SSL/TLS (and commonly seen in the form of https://) was developed … Continue reading

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The EFF has put together a handy website for anyone looking to replace some of their current proprietary/cloud controlled systems with their own components. You can check our their guide at: Generally it’s pretty good, although I have concerns … Continue reading

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python-twitter 1.0 for API 1.1

With Twitter turning of the older API 1.0 today in favour of API 1.1, developers of bots and applications that used the older API need to either upgrade their apps, or they’re die a sad and lonely death. I have … Continue reading

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Amberdms Billing System 2.0.0

It’s been a long while since my last release of the Amberdms Billing System (ABS), but at last I’ve finished merging in and testing all the new features that were worked on during my time running Amberdms with two other … Continue reading

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Packets Citizen!

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks of developments in the technology freedom space, with the information about PRISIM in the USA coming to light, ASIC over extending it’s interpretation of law and blocking 250,000 websites in AU and the … Continue reading

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Having moved to AU means that I now have two cell phones – one with my AU SIM card and another with my NZ SIM card which I keep around in order to receive the odd message from friends/contacts back … Continue reading

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