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Inside Rain

I volunteered to help a friend move this weekend, expecting a relatively straightforwards process of putting a few computers, bags and boxes into my car and shifting to another place. However there was still a bit of cleanup necessary – … Continue reading

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Munin Performance

Munin is a popular open source network resource monitoring tool which polls the hosts on your network for statistics for various services, resources and other attributes. A typical deployment will see Munin being used to monitor CPU usage, memory usage, … Continue reading

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I do a lot of packaging for RHEL/CentOS 5 hosts, often this packaging is backporting of newer software versions, typically I’ll pull Fedora’s latest package and make various adjustments to it for RHEL 5’s older environment – typically things like … Continue reading

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acpid trickiness

Ran into an issue last night with one of my KVM VMs not registering a shutdown command from the host server. This typically happens because the guest isn’t listening (or is configured to ignore) ACPI power “button” presses, so the … Continue reading

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Travel Plans: June/July

Got a bit of travel lined up over the next month or so! 02 Jun – 04 Jun: Jethro in Wellington. 30 Jun – 01 Jul: Jethro & Lisa in Wellington. 06 Jul – 09 Jul: Jethro & Lisa in … Continue reading

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A tale of two route controllers

Ever since I built a Linux 3.2.0 kernel for my Debian Stable laptop to take advantage of some of the newer kernel features, I have been experiencing occasional short periods of disconnect/reconnect on the Wi-Fi network. This wasn’t happening heaps … Continue reading

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Early Morning Auckland

My good friend @LGnome was transiting via Auckland and had a day to spend up here to see the sights. Naturally I delivered with one near side-swipe, two cars running a red light right in front of us and congested … Continue reading

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Pimping my ride with high pitch painful sounds

I got my car back from the repair shop on Friday following it’s run in with the less pleasant residents of Auckland, with all the ignition and dash repaired. Unfortunately the whole incident costs me at least $500 in excess … Continue reading

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Up Mt Kaukau

When I was in Wellington last month I caught up with my good mate Tom (of #geekflat fame) and we decided to go for a wander up Mt Kaukau with Tom’s friend Nicola. I spent most of my years in … Continue reading

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Takapuna to Devonport

Working from home for the past 7+ months has left me with strong urges to get out and about on the weekends, least I go crazy from being coped up inside – whilst my inner geek urges to sit infront … Continue reading

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