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LDAP & RADIUS centralised authentication

I recently did a presentation at the June AuckLUG meeting on configuring LDAP and RADIUS centralised authentication solutions. It’s a little rough (first time I’ve done a presentation on the topic), but hopefully is of use to anyone interested in … Continue reading

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Soldering Adventures

As part of my efforts to learn more about electronics, I recently obtained a power supply kit that breaks the standard 5V USB output into 3.3V and 5V bread-board connectable outputs from Mindkits (who resell Sparkfun kits in NZ, amongst … Continue reading

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Lenovo & tp-fan fun

I quite like my Lenovo X201i laptop, I’ve been using it for a couple years now and it’s turned out to be the ideal combination of size and usability – the 12″ form factor means I can carry it around … Continue reading

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Whilst I’ve been in Auckland for about 8 months now and driven past it a number of times, I had yet to visit the Auckland Museum Of Transport And Technology (MOTAT). However this month (June) there’s free entry for all visitors, … Continue reading

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Keeping Android Wifi Awake

I run a number of backgrounded applications on my Android phone, such as Nagios (server monitoring) CSipSimple (VoIP/SIP), OpenVPN (SSL-based VPN) and IMAP idle (push email). Whilst this does impact battery life somewhat, I’ve got things reasonably well tuned so … Continue reading

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cifs, ipv6 and rhel 5

Unfortunately with my recent project enabling IPv6 across my entire personal server environment, I’ve bumped into a number of annoying issues – nothing that isn’t fixable, but things that are generally frustrating and which just shouldn’t be an issue. Particular … Continue reading

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Largefiles strike again!

With modern Linux systems – hell, even systems from 5+ years ago – there’s usually very little issue with handling large files (> 2GB), in fact files considered large a decade ago are now tiny in comparison. However sometimes poor … Continue reading

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Bit Flipping Cycle Lanes

On my recent walk to Devonport I was amazed at the design of the cycle lanes made by the North Shore City Council (now part of the amalgamated Auckland City Council). Aside from the initial amazement that such a car-focused … Continue reading

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Look to the past to see the future

I came across  a great tweet the other day, pretty much sums up the whole marriage equality debate being had across the world: Pretty happy that I come from a country that recognizes the rights and privileges for my LGBTWTF … Continue reading

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Matangi Trains

I was in Wellington the other week to catch up with friends and family and had the opportunity to catch the new Matangi trains out to Johnsonville – you might remember my previous trip out there featured the pre-WW2 relics, … Continue reading

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