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/tmp mounted as tmpfs on CentOS

After a recent reboot of my CentOS servers, I’ve inherited an issue where the server comes up running with /tmp mounted using tmpfs. tmpfs is a memory-based volatile filesystem and has some uses for people, but others like myself may … Continue reading

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More Puppet Stuff

I’ve been continuing to migrate to my new server setup and Puppetising along the way, the outcome is yet more Puppet modules: The puppetlabs-firewall module performs very poorly with large rulesets, to work around this with my geoip/rirs module, I’ve … Continue reading

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Installing EL7 onto EL5 Xen hosts

With RedHat recently releasing RHEL 7 (and CentOS promptly getting their rebuild out the door shortly after), I decided to take the opportunity to start upgrading some of my ageing RHEL/CentOS (EL) systems. My personal co-location server is a trusty … Continue reading

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Resize ext4 on RHEL/CentOS/EL

I use an ext4 filesystem for a couple large volumes on my virtual machines. I know that btrfs and ZFS are the new cool kids in town for filesystems, but when I’m already running RAID and LVM on the VM … Continue reading

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The Apache that wanted to be root

I’ve run into an issue a couple of times where some web applications on my server have broken following a restart of Apache when the application in question calls external programs.. What seems to happen is that when an administrator … Continue reading

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Updated Repositories

I’ve gone and updated my GNU/Linux repositories with a new home page – some of you may have been using this under my previous Amberdms branding, but it’s more appropriate that it be done under my own name these days … Continue reading

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cifs, ipv6 and rhel 5

Unfortunately with my recent project enabling IPv6 across my entire personal server environment, I’ve bumped into a number of annoying issues – nothing that isn’t fixable, but things that are generally frustrating and which just shouldn’t be an issue. Particular … Continue reading

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mailx contains invalid character

Whilst my network is predominately¬† CentOS 5 hosts, I’ve started moving many of them to CentOS 6, mostly on a basis of doing so whenever a host needs a particularly newer version, since I don’t really want to spend an … Continue reading

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find-debuginfo.sh invalid predicate

I do a lot of packaging for RHEL/CentOS 5 hosts, often this packaging is backporting of newer software versions, typically I’ll pull Fedora’s latest package and make various adjustments to it for RHEL 5’s older environment – typically things like … Continue reading

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acpid trickiness

Ran into an issue last night with one of my KVM VMs not registering a shutdown command from the host server. This typically happens because the guest isn’t listening (or is configured to ignore) ACPI power “button” presses, so the … Continue reading

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