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Magical Bank Gnomes

I just couldn’t help myself…. I think it’s the whole commanding “do not reply to this message” that I just can’t ignore. Maybe sometime in the future an administrator will be cleaning out the SMS spool folder and find it … Continue reading

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Why I hate URL shorteners

I’ve used Awstats for years as my website statistics/reporting program of choice – it’s trivial to setup, reliable and works with Apache log files and requires no modification to the website or usage of remote tools (like with Google Analytics). … Continue reading

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Virtualbox Awesomeness

Work recently upgraded us to the latest MS Office edition for our platform. Most of our staff run MacOS, but we have a handful of Windows users and one dedicated Linux user (guess who?) who received MS Office 2010 for … Continue reading

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Johnsonville Train

I was in Wellington a week ago for several work projects and ended up on a train out to Johnsonville to help my good friend Tom with his wifi/cable modem issues at his new flat, now that #geekflat is over. … Continue reading

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Die Flash, Die!

“I hated flash whilst it was still cool!” — Jethro Carr, Internet Hipster Adobe Flash has to be one of the more polarizing internet technologies out there, people either love it or hate it, but either way, it’s difficult to … Continue reading

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Why I hate DSL

I’m living around 8km from the center of Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, with only 8 mbits down and 0.84 mbits upstream in a very modern building with (presumably) good wiring installed. :'( The above is what happens to your … Continue reading

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Makara Walk

Whilst in Wellington for a weekend a few weeks ago, I went on a walk around Makara with my good friend Tom, only I got a little too distracted to blog it until now. Makara is a very small rural … Continue reading

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Living Without Twitter

It’s been an interesting 10+ days since I took my twitter holiday and 4+ days since I deleted my account. It’s been interesting, not a total success yet, I do use my placeholder account from time-to-time to check out the … Continue reading

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Free At Last

By now I presume you have read my Infodrugs post where I recently decided to take a Twitter holiday. This has now progressed a step further, with me taking steps to terminate my Twitter account entirely. Twitter has been the … Continue reading

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Sea Shepherd in Wellington

Whilst wandering along Wellington harbor this week I came across the MY Bob Barker berthed, one of the things I love about Wellington is finding random bits of awesomeness like that. This is actually the second Sea Shepherd ship I’ve … Continue reading

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