Wearable PC

I just ordered some parts, to start building a wearable computer! I’ll be using the gumstix LCD kit for the base of it.

The base unit will have touch screen, ethernet, microSD and 3 serial interfaces. From there, I can then hookup anything else I want (wifi, bluetooth, GSM modem, GPS) using the host USB port on the gumstix. :-)

I will have to research options for battery power…. need a Li-PO battery supply with 5V output… since most batteries seem to be 3.7V, I will need a DC->DC transformer to step up the voltage to 5V. Also want to be able to trickle-charge it via USB.

To run USB devices from the gumstix, I will need 5V, and up to 500mA for each USB device, so need something with a good amount of amperage if I want to run a number of devices.

It’ll be a good project to give me a chance to improve my (currently bad) knowledge of C programming as I will need to write custom applications for it. :-)

I’ll post more information once the kit arrives and I start playing with it… Will probably take a number of months to build, since I am really busy these days, but will be worth it.

Uses for the wearable PC:

  • Access to email 24/7
  • Link into GPS maps
  • Typical PDA functions (note taking, calendar, etc)
  • Mobile VoIP
  • Music/video player
  • Because it’s a cool project and has geek cred. ;-)