Outlook: Can’t Create File Bug

I came across an interesting bug with MS Outlook 2003 experienced with a client today.

Outlook fails to open or save email attachments with the error “Can’t create file”, and suggests possible permissions problem. However, creating a file from any normal means will work without a problem.

If more than 99 files exist in the outlook temporary directory which have the same attachment name, they will be named FILENAME(#).EXT. However, once the number # reaches 99, outlook will be unable to create any more files and the error occurs.

Location of dir can be found in:

Found in:
C:\Documents and Settings\${USERNAME}\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\OLK2BC

More indepth details on this problem:

I haven’t located any Microsoft KB articles about this issue, but I don’t care enough about their software to spend time trying to find it. :-)

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