Day 19- Nicknames you have; why do you have them

I don’t have a lot of nicknames, I guess in part the fact that my name is resonably uncommon, people tend not to need to change it to identify me from others. :-)

Pretty much the only nickname I have outside of pillow talk is “dodocaptain” or some derivative shortened form such as “dodo”.

This cames back from my childhood – story goes that my younger brother couldn’t pronounce “Jethro” at the time and ended up saying “dodo”.

Since I was as egotistical back then as I am now, that ended up becoming “captain dodo” since I always wanted to be in charge.

In later years, when I first started using the internet (Win98 and a ZFree dialup connection, ah, takes me back ;-) I registered my first email address on Hotmail. Since captaindodo was taken, I became dodocaptain. :-)

I tend not to use it so much online these days (I use my realname for most sites) but bring it out sometimes for gaming.

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  1. Simon Welsh says:

    What about broom broom?

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