Day 29- Your favourite song.

According to the original 30 days of me challenge, today was supposed to be “In this past month, what have you learned” and the final day 30 was to be your favourite song.

I think it’s much better to swap them around and to finish with the introspective self review – so being the pro-open, pro-freedom hacker than I am, that’s what I’ve done. ;-)

So today is “Your favourite song” and the more indepth post about what I’ve learnt in the past month will come tomorrow for you all to read over your Friday night drinks.

Favourite song is a tricky one, since I don’t have a single favourite, rather just stuff that I enjoy which is a massive list depending on what mood I’m in at the time.

So here’s 5 of my favourite tracks that I’ve been playing in the past few days:

  1. Muse – Hysteria
  2. Rush – 2112
  3. Ensiferum – Little Dreamer
  4. Rammstein – Pussy
  5. Nighwish – Over the hills and far away

But there’s so much more, I could go on for pages…

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