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My fridge of delicious unhealthyness

A few of the twitter people I follow (think Greer started it off) have started posting pictures of the contents of their fridge. Naturally my readers have nothing better todo than learn inane details about me such as the contents … Continue reading

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Day 30- In this past month, what have you learned

Since I started the 30 days of me challenge it’s been an interesting month – firstly it’s been great fun reading peoples posts, learning more about my friends and generally making my inbox a little more interesting than usual. :-) … Continue reading


Day 29- Your favourite song.

According to the original 30 days of me challenge, today was supposed to be “In this past month, what have you learned” and the final day 30 was to be your favourite song. I think it’s much better to swap … Continue reading

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Day 28- A picture of you last year and now, how have you changed since then?

So this is me from around September 2009, busy posing in my vegetarian t-shirt with my horribly long hair at the time. Since then I’ve adapted more of a corporate image which admittedly does look a lot better, as well … Continue reading


Flighty Plans?

So having a play around with my idea of moving overseas: 17-23 JAN in Gold Coast 24-30 JAN in Brisbane CBD for 31-06 FEB in Tasmania – Hobart and/or Launceston 07-13 FEB in Melbourne 14-20 FEB in Sydney 21-27 … Continue reading

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Day 27- Why are you doing this 30 day challenge

I first heard about this 30 day blogging challenge after a bunch of twitter friends (mostly ladies) started doing it, so naturally I can’t turn down any event involving attractive ladies and had to join right in ;-) It’s also … Continue reading

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Feeling flighty…. upcoming changes

I’m long overdue for a “here’s my life and what I’m up to post”, although the 30 days of me posts are doing a bit to help keep the hits coming into the blog. (I suspect it’s all from bots … Continue reading

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Day 26- What you think about your friends

They’re all a bunch of dicks…. nah, they’re all great really. :-) Don’t have a huge number of close friends but heaps of internet friends whom I talk to online often and see IRL occasionally. :-)

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Lazy tofu noodle dish

This is one of my current favourite quick dishes – it basicly involves throwing tofu, udon noodles and spicy stuff into a pan for 10mins or so then eating. :-) The two main bits are a pack of Udon noodles … Continue reading

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Verifying an SSL CA certificate

Whilst banging heads with an LDAP server recently, I needed a reliable way to verify that the SSL CA certificate I was using was the correct one for the certificate being returned by the server. I came across this useful … Continue reading

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