Linux on Lenovo X201i Laptop

Sadly after almost 5 years of loyal service, my beloved Libretto U100 recently started showing signs of it’s age by crashing randomly and struggling to keep up with my daily tasks.

To replace it, I wanted something both lightweight and portable, but also powerful to keep up with all the large documents and projects I’m working on.

I ended up selecting a Lenovo X201i laptop, Lenovo’s ultraportable model.


With a 12″ widescreen LCD and weight of about 1.5kg, it’s certainly larger than my Libretto, but a great compromise between usability and portability. Having a fullsize keyboard is another major advantage and it certainly makes the laptop more productive on the go.

I also purchase the extended 9-cell battery, which gets me about 7 hours life, enough to get me through a day of customer meetings.

Over all it’s a fantastic machine, and with a Intel Core i5 and 4GB of RAM packed into the system it’s a fast system able to tackle everything I throw at it.

1 thought on “Linux on Lenovo X201i Laptop

  1. pethead

    Which distro of Linux did you install on X201i?
    Having problem with Thinkpads`s specific devices? Such as modem, gps, touchpad, power control.


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