Day 08 – Preferred method of communication with humans

This post is part of my 30 days of geek challenge.

I’d be tempted to say “none” here, however whilst all human interaction is painful, some forms are less painful that others. :-P

In reality I’ve gotten better with interacting with people over the years, conferences, business dealings and large amounts of social pressures and interactivity for business have lead to myself becoming pretty comfortable and confident around people.

For a business conversation, I prefer email most of all, followed by phone calls. In personal life, I still love email, but tend to use Twitter and IM more for convenience and lightweight interactions.

I think overall, email is my preferred communication method – IM and Twitter can end up being too intrusive and disruptive, I love the fact I can read it when I want, mess around with filtering and rulesets and archive permanently – as it is, I have archives going back to 2003 for all my emails.

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