LCA2011: Day 01

Monday (yesterday) was the first day of the conference, so much great content and stuff on I’m only just catching up with blogging about it now.

I was one of the afternoon presenters, with my Indefero Source Code and Project Management presentation. The videos are still getting processed, but my slides are now available as a PDF downloaded.

There’s some pictures taken of me doing my talk by @chrisjrn which make me look like a bossy dictator. Which is probably accurate. ;-)

Me looking excited at the conference introduction, whilst @LGnome works hard on his slides like a good boy. (pic: @chrisjrn)

I look a bit old, but I think that's the sunburn/dry skin :-/ (pic: @chrisjrn)

I am Jethro, hear me roar! (pic: @chrisjrn)

If you don't use this software, I will come to your workplace and hurt you. (pic: @chrisjrn)

Chris is taking  a large number of pictures during the conference, you can see them all on his flicker feed here.

Also, here’s some blurry camera phone pictures by me from the conference:

Some of the LCA crowd waiting for the conference to start.

South Bank busway, with train line in the background.

Geeks hit the town - lookout Brisbane!

OMG! It's taller than 2 stories!

It's a bridge!

Brisbane looks awesome at night. Especially when standing in the middle of the river.

Maybe I don't have enough chargers already..... there's also a laptop and another cellphone not yet pictured O_o

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